Name Mobile Email
Mrs Doudou 01000021714 [email protected]
Mrs Salma 01022247949 [email protected]
Mrs Rana 01033261555 [email protected]
Mme Nadia Abdallah 01000937838 [email protected]
Mrs Aya Adel 01000935916 [email protected]
Mr Ahmed Shoieb 010000935840 [email protected]
Mrs  Mai Khalil 01000935840 [email protected]
Mrs Rabab Azz Eldin  01093955582 [email protected]
Mme Hanan Hassan 01000935863 [email protected]
Mr. Amgad  01022249076 [email protected]
Mr.Amr Elgazzar 01022247653 [email protected]
Mrs Eman  01033261555 [email protected]
Mrs Sara 01000935964 [email protected]
Mr Mostafa Osman 01005747994 [email protected]
Mrs Mona Alabady 01003174111 [email protected]
Dr Ola 010033255532 [email protected]
Mrs Dina 01033262555  [email protected]
Mrs Rasha Ibrahim 01033260555 [email protected]


Mrs. Safaa

English section

01212211025 [email protected]
Mrs. Eman

Section Française

01212211025 [email protected]
Mrs.  Nesma  01033278555 [email protected]
Mr Mostafa Mohamed  01033263555 [email protected]
Mr Mostafa (Buses) Mr Mostafa (Buses) Mr Mostafa (Buses)

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