Parent Teacher Association

Parent Association is a very active and dedicated group of parents volunteering

their time to integrate our school’s community.

Parents can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time

available. It is an excellent way to:

  • meet other parents
  • raise funds
  • support the school
  • work together towards a common goal

Get involved in EYP

  • Attend one of our many Parent Workshops to find more about how we teach, support and assess your child’s learning
  • Suggest a topic/area as the focus of a Parent Workshop
  • Come along and share your concerns and views at our termly Parent Forum with the PIS’s management team
  • Become a guest speaker and share your knowledge and skills
  • Be a class reader
  • Be a class activity helper

Get involved in PYP

  • Come in and run a cultural workshop (cooking, dancing, music, arts and crafts)
  • Come in and read a story
  • Volunteer as a parent helper for educational visits
  • Be a parent helper on swimming days
  • Volunteer as a parent helper to help make displays and educational materials
  • Get dressed up on one of our themed days – International Day, Book Day
  • Help make props or costumes for assemblies or productions

Get involved in MYP & DP

  • Attend information evenings
  • Welcome new families
  • Attend the termly Parent/Management Forum
  • Organize social events
  • Participate in International Day and other events organized by school or the Parent’s Association
  • Help with charity fund raising
  • Offer a talk on an area of expertise
  • Supervise an IB CAS activity
  • Run an after school club

Forming connections with the local community

We always try to give back to the local community since we value we are a part of it.

We support many community service initiatives throughout the year including but not limited to:

  • Environmental projects
  • Educational projects
  • Donations to children in hospitals, orphanages, ….
  • Second Hand sales

To reach the PTA representative please contact:

           For EYP:  Mr Montasser Agag

           For PYP:  Mr Amgad Anis

           For MYP: Mr Rami Joseph

           For DP: Mr Sherif Hazem

          Parents Advocate: Mrs Racha Elnadr

To contact our PTA:  [email protected]


Parent Teacher Association

Princeton International School