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IT Manager

Dear parents,

On behalf of the PIS IT Department, I would like to thank you for the

confidence you have placed in our team. I would also like to seize the

opportunity to thank PIS board for allowing me to utilize my fifteen years of

experience at a wonderful school that strives to provide learning opportunities

regardless of the circumstances. 

My team and I have been there since day one to help our students use their

smart devices efficiently, to help parents follow up their children’s progress

through the reports we issue regularly, and to help our staff members with any

technical problems they might face. Our main aim is to prevent such problems

from occurring and to be ready in case the problem is inevitable. Such was the

case with our implementation of Edmodo before COVID 19 hit the nation.

We prepared presentations to explain to parents and students how to use it

successfully and were there for parents’ inquiries every single day.

 The IT Team performs regular hardware and software updates on all the school

devices to facilitate a smooth educational process every day. We run inspections

of our younger students’ devices to make sure the scholastic material is

downloaded and functional. 

Our mission as a department goes far beyond securing strong internet connections and fixing computers. We are here to enhance encourage

 interactive learning, improve online communication to provide greater access

to knowledge by both the students and the staff members, and we help

integrate technology in our classes. 

We are all proud that we carried out our responsibilities successfully despite all

the hardships. We would not have done it without your trust and support.


    IT Manager

Mrs. Samah Ahmed