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Head of Science Department

Dear parents and students

Welcome to the world of science. It is my pleasure to

 guide through a magnificent world of wonders and

discoveries this year. Our science class will be your

door to a new world, a world where you will have fun

activities and take the lead in discovering new horizons.

 My name is Mrs. Dina Abdel Ghany and I am the head of the

 science department for MYP and High School

At PIS, our main goal is to connect science to real life and make

 it fun for our students to discover new information about

 themselves and their environments, and to challenge their

brains to seek knowledge by carrying on fun activities and


My commitment to you is to create a safe, stimulating, and

supportive learning environment that will empower all my

students to discover, create, and take pride in their individual

strengths. We will learn to work together as a family and support

.each other