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Head of the English Department

Head of the Eglish Department

English is not just a school subject.  It is the most commonly used universal

language. At PIS, we aspire to help our students gain a mastery of the English

language for a brighter future. Our students learn how to express themselves,

communicate with people from different cultures, understand and appreciate

classical works of literature.

As the Head of English Department , my mission is to design different

curricula all based on clearly defined expectations for our students’ learning

and aligned among all levels. My aim is to implement an appreciation of

English as a means of communication in order to remove the psychological

barrier that prevents students from using a language apart from their mother

tongue. Our students learn that fluency and accuracy are far more important

than fake accents, so they are encouraged to speak and gradually their accents


The topics and texts discussed in our English classes are aligned with the school

vision and mission, to provide our students with the best possible education and

help them become well-educated, productive and international-minded citizens.  

Mrs Salma Eltawagny