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MYP Coordinator

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Princeton International school

       In MYP stages, we aim to achieve a holistic education whose purpose is to

prepare young minds for a rapidly changing and evolving world and to create

lifelong learners. We aspire to nurture good character traits that enhance the

students’ competent skills and ability to adapt and adjust to the ever changing

world. We prepare our students for a globalized world where cultural guidance,

mentoring, and sensitization are essential.

       My vision for the PIS MYP students is to prepare  international-minded

lifelong learners who respect the uniqueness in each other's differences, develop

a greater intercultural sensitivity and understanding, view every challenge as

a stepping stone, remain humble in victory, and develop a never-give-up

attitude in the face of adversity.

Warm regards,

MYP Coordinator,

Mrs. Shaimaa Sulaiman