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Welcome to a new wonderful school year with the Princeton family to start

a milestone in your child's life.
Kindergarten stage is all about mental, emotional, social and physical

development, so your participation, interest and enthusiasm can make it

a wonderful experience of progress to your child.

Let’s imagine for a minute the kindergarten world:

 Letters - numbers - stories - cubes - toys - coloring - clay. Imagination and

creativity everywhere,When you talk to your child about his/ her day and

celebrate the effort, remember that kindergarten is a garden for the child where

the educational process is much more important than the result in the

kindergarten stage.

Education is achieved when the child participates, does, touches and

experiences new stimulations.

It is very important to create a routine in your child's life. At this early stage

of education, try to have a daily time to talk to your child about the  things

they did in school. We believe that a child’s success depends on the cooperation

between the teacher and the parent.

 Our school provides our students with the best facilities for their education.

 Looking forward to helping you provide your children with the warm and

encouraging educational environment they deserve.

Thank you for your trust in us.

Dina Shalaby
EYP Coordinator