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Academic Director

,Dear parents and students

Welcome to a new academic year with your second family.

From the minute I set foot in PIS, I felt blessed. The atmosphere is so warm and

friendly, yet it runs like an orchestra; everyone has a role that is crucial to the

beautiful symphony played by our wonderful students under the guidance and

supervision of teachers , HODs, coordinators, and administrators. We are all

here for the purpose of enlightening young minds and guiding them to the right

paths to follow in life inside and outside school. Our students have privilege to

choose between two highly esteemed educational systems:

IB or the American Diploma

Our curricula focus of challenging the students to think critically and

analytically. We do not spoon feed them information; we encourage them to

seek knowledge and to form their own opinions without belittling other people’s mindsets

We were born big, and with your help we will be even bigger and greater every

step of the way

Salma Youssef

PIS Academic Director